Easter in Ireland part 1

, i Irland '13

We are now starting our week of Easter Outreach around the breakfast table in a local church, partnering OM Ireland. And when I say “we”, that means

Miriam, who is excited to practice her already-very-good English and probably will adopt some funny accent soon,
Tintine, who carries an encyclopedia-sized book for her school studies and already finished reading it on the airplane, which is a great use of 15kg luggage / week.
Jessika, who was still not feeling tired in the midnight, an ideal person to be sent out on streets outreaching to homeless / drunken people groups,
Jacob, who went to the Near East this same time last year and who will probably find Irish English as hard to understand as Arabic,
Lydia, who just got sick the day before departure and just got recovered moments before we headed off…what an eagerness for missions!
Lovisa, who over-packed her luggage and thus has the potential of staying behind in Ireland for two more years, I will fill in the GO:Long application form for her later,
Marcus, who was physically in Africa just three days ago and thus becomes a potential subject of jealousy in Ireland for his sunburn,
Anthia, who is expected to DANCE! We are talking about creative ministry, right? 
Lisa and Simon, a very sweet young couple who has become the parents for this team of 15 to 17 year-olds, 19s and even 20-plus year-olds…I hope it is legal to hit kids here in Ireland,
and lastly, Joy, who feels much privileged to be around this great group of Swedes from Ryttargårdskyrkan and believes that Jesus feels the same way too ☺

More excitingly, most of the group is on their maiden mission trip ever! Get ready for random yet God-appointed opportunities, as Jacob expects “I want to be able to give answers to people’s many questions here!”

See, half of the team seems ready for this cross-cultural experience, with their perfectly local color-dress-code. Go! Swedes in Ireland!