Leaving Stockholm again

Skriven av Ja-Kyung, i Martins blogg

Wow, it has been almost two years since I moved to this beautiful city of Stockholm. Tomorrow I am moving near to the city of Jönköping, where I lived for the first two years of my life in Sweden. It has been much of packing and saying ‘good-bye’ to many people here. However, the month of January has been full of ministries and experiences yet.

I would remember the following more than other events from this month:

First, along with an OM worker, I participated in a prayer meeting, worship service and an outreach along with a church in the heart of one of the immigrant communities in Stockholm. We also went for a prayer walk in downtown Stockholm too.jakyungbild

The next is the old Korean lady who is attending another immigrant church in Stockholm. When I told her that I was leaving, she just invited me to her home for lunch right then. After a wonderful time of fellowship and meal, she would even pack some bags of food for me too. (Talking about hospitality!!)

I was also invited by a Pakistani evangelist to a small Arabic-Swedish speaking house church. There was
this young guy who was once a gang leader, but now is a devoted Christian. What a privilege to hear his testimony and witness the life of transformation!

Going around all the Taekwondo clubs where I have trained and built relationship with many secular people was meaningful too. Some of them seemed to be genuinely sad that I had to leave. May the Lord bless them, and allow all the seeds of His love will grow in them.

The weekend of TeenStreet Reunion in the city of Jönköping is the most recent one. I mainly served in the kitchen. However, the Lord gave me other opportunities to minister to some people during the weekend as well. Fellowship, laughs, and service with my brothers and sisters can not be taken lightly.

What future holds
I am not sure how long my stay in Jönköping will be, or where I will go from there the next. Our Father is always at work, as the Lord told us, even during the period of transition.

Our job is simply one thing – listening to and obeying the voice of the Lord in each step of the way.