Being Channels of Love

Skriven av Ja-Kyung, i Martins blogg

Towards the end of February, I had the chance to serve at a children’s camp. There were kids (8-12 years old) from several churches, and 2/3 of them from various ethnic backgrounds. I was assisting a Swedish guy with a group of 10 boys. All of them are of African origin. Even though they were born in Sweden, they had distinct accents to their Swedish. Well, their attention span was about 20 seconds, I would say??

Hurt and Anger

Most of them were literally bouncing off the walls so that it was almost impossible to have ’proper’ cabin time, not to mention the small group discussion time. Well, for just more than a few days of camp, there were three – officially known – fights amongst the boys. Wow, I mean do they have anger??? You’d better believe it.

I was reminded of a youth group I used to work with in California before. The kids came from Hispanic, African, Asian, and European backgrounds. Many of them had so much anger and hurt in their hearts, and would fight often. I also knew that they had many struggles in their families too.

I felt that the Lord was reminding me of the importance of praying for and ministering to the kids as well as their families.

God at Work

Nonetheless, God was still at work. One morning when I was brushing my teeth, an eight- year old in my group came to me, and asked how I became a Christian. Well, with my broken Swedish, I gave him the less than 2 minute version of my testimony. He was listening very carefully. A leader from another church told me that he was woken up by a kid who was taking a shower at 2:00 am. The boy could not fall asleep after a dream that night. In the dream, a man in white clothes told him how much he appreciates it that the boy prays to him.

Channels of Love

During one of our cabin times, all the boys suddenly burst into signing a worship song with actions. Honestly I was not sure if they were even paying much attention during the main services at all.

We just do not know what God might be doing in the lives of people like these young boys. We should not give up loving and praying for others with perseverance.

Our job is to simply offer ourselves to the Lord as His instrument for channeling His love to others.