Prayer over Finland

Skriven av Ja-Kyung, i Martins blogg

There were six of us in our team. 

We packed all our lugguages, OM materials and ourselves in a small van. After traveling on the road and the ferry a little less than a day, we finally arrived at our first destination called Ekenäs.

Teamet till Finland

It is a small, seemingly-pleasant town with the population of 12,000. They say that about 80 percent of them speak Swedish as their mother tongue. Many young people seem to have left the place to bigger cities in seeking jobs and for other reasons.

Thankfully, a group of churches from the town invited us to come and lead workshops on discipleship. We were also to lead some Christian meetings or help with the worship services at different churches.

Tour in Finland: church meetings and fellowship

Out of all the meetings which we were part of, I do remember this one in particular.

We just finished a Sunday worship service at a church where the pastor participated in our workshops and meetings over the weekend. While most of the people have left the church after the service, we as the team stayed behind for no particular reasons. A few members from the church remained with us too.

I do not know exactly how it all began, but all of us simply started worshipping and praising together. First the piano, then the guitar, then the djembe, and then the tambourine, along the songs of joy and passion.  It was so much fun, spontaneous and joy-filled. From one song to another, we worshipped together for over an hour.

My prayer for Ekenäs: let praise arise!

While we were having a wonderful time of praising, I wondered if the Lord might be doing something in all of this. Who knows what happens in the spiritual realm when the people of God worship? I was hoping and praying that the spirit of worship and praise will begin and spread to all the places of Ekenäs.

One day I would like to see that the town is filled with the presence of the Lord.

They say that there are only less than a few hunded Christiains in the whole town now. May the Lord bring the word, healing, hope and blessings in the hearts and lives of many people there, and they will come to know the Lord and His love.

I believe that all of this begins with true worship. Maybe this is one of the reasons why we as the team had to be there too.