Journey - Way In, Way Out

Skriven av Ja-Kyung, i Martins blogg

Ja-Kyung Moon

After being in Stockholm for two years, I moved to Bottnaryd in February, a small village near Jönköping. 

My stay in the village was three months, and then I have been in Råslätt for about three weeks. It has been actually nice to be back here in this ‘dominantly-immigrant’ suburb of Jönköping.

Råslätt, Jönköping - transit

I have a good network of people here, many seemed to be very happy that I returned. Some of them were actually surprised I would even come back here (well, they say that Råslätt is like a ‘ghetto’ of Jönköping.  I actually think that it is a nice place to live in, and the housing is quite good there).

Wow, it is much of moving and settling. It is kind of interesting to see how my life journey has been. Råslätt is where I began when I came to Sweden as a missionary at first. I lived here for two years before I moved to Stockholm. After being away for a while, now I am back.

And then…I am moving again. 

Moving again..., just like Jesus and Paul!

Next week, I will be moving to Göteborg, and stay there during summer.

It is like we are on a constant journey. Along the way, there are times we are back where we start. However, many of us do not just dwell there. In time we go out again. Jesus was constantly on traveling and ministering, but also sometimes came back to His hometown. Paul was on three major mission trips. Traveling was part of his life too, but he would also return to Antioch where he was sent out along with Barnabas.

I am going to visit Korea and the U.S. in the fall, and meet with my supporters and churches. I am really looking forward to spending some quality time with my families, friends, supporters and the churches. Korea is my home, and the U.S. is like my second home.

New places, new challenges

Then, in time, I will be launched out again into the ministry, far away from where I began. Challenges and unknowns are usually expected in this journey of service.

However, I have a much greater assurance that the Lord is always with me in everywhere I go.

Soli Deo gloria!’ (Glory to God alone!)