Uppdatering om situationen i Afghanistan

Jönköping, 26 augusti 2021

Våra hjärtan blöder för det afghanska folket och situationen i landet efter talibanernas maktövertagande. Det är en osäker situation där förhållandena kan förändras mycket snabbt. Men bilden av vad som pågår i landet är mer komplex än vad vi ofta hör från mediarapporter som fokuserar på utvecklingen kring den internationella flygplatsen. Så vad säger afghanerna själva om läget just nu?

Här är en sammanfattning av vad vi hör från afghaner i landet just nu, sammanställd av våra vänner vid Pamir Ministries.

What to make of all the news coming from Afghanistan?

The recent developments in Afghanistan seem devastating from any perspective. We unite in prayer and deep concern for the Afghan people. A number of people have contacted us wondering about the accuracy of some of the information they are hearing. Afghans call the Pamir radio, TV and online media contact centre regularly. We are seeing an increase of calls this month. Our staff are in touch with hundreds of Afghans throughout the country, talking and also chatting with them via written messages— believers, seekers and friends.

What is our team hearing from people inside Afghanistan?

At present, most of the Afghans who are calling are asking the Pamir team to help them get out of the country. Our team explains to callers that they cannot help them with emigration; they have never promised visas for Christians. But we do try and give advice that may help those wanting to leave.

As one caller shared, “I never planned to leave, but when I see all these people run to the airport, it encourages me to go as well.”

We are concerned about some hyper-sensational stories circulating. Therefore, we want to share with you what Afghans are communicating with us from inside the country. As we talk with Afghans who contact us in response to radio, TV or social media broadcasts, we log the conversations for follow up, and although we cannot verify the accuracy of the events in these testimonies, there are some things that are repeated themes or consistently absent from what they are saying.

  • Executions: As of 24 August 2021, we have talked with Afghans from many different parts of Afghanistan and no one has communicated with us about any executions in these days.
  • House Searches: It appears that officials have searched for specific people and also for weapons to disarm people. We hear that some have escaped in time and are in hiding. There is also a fear that neighbours may report on each other.
  • Relative Calm: Many tell us that it is finally peaceful in their area. One rural man, with whom we are in regular contact, says, “This is the first time after so long that we slept in peace at night. We do not know about tomorrow, but today it is good to have peace.” Will this calm last? We do not know. However, Afghans are so tired of war, which has gone on for 45 years, that many are willing to live under heavier restrictions – so long as they do not need to fear warfare or criminal activity.
  • Girls: Are girls being taken from homes? Our team members have seen a letter in the Dari language that stated girls 15 years and over and widows 45 years and younger should register at the local cultural centres. It was widely circulated in social media, but the Taliban have denied this letter. Others said the letter was actually distributed in some districts.

    Some women are saying, “Things are peaceful.” A few families tell us that their teenage girls are returning to school this week after the new regime offered to pay teacher salaries. Meanwhile, many Afghans are still very afraid.

Pamir Ministries

Pamir Ministries is a Christian media-ministry focused on Afghanistan that produce Christian media for Afghans everywhere, disciple Afghan believers and train and motivate them to disciple other Afghans.

Pamir Ministries, a ministry of OM, has an international team of between 20 and 25 core staff, along with numerous volunteers and partners, serving from various locations around the world. Half of the Pamir team are from Afghanistan and are experiencing deep pain along with their fellow countrymen.

There are currently no OM staff in Afghanistan.

A partner ministry tells us that many callers (old and new) talk about the peaceful situation in their locations. They are aware of events elsewhere in that country, but for them life is going on almost as normal. At the same time, others are extremely troubled by the recent takeover. They are fearful for their lives as followers of Him, wondering if someone will denounce them. They are looking for ways out of the country.

Our team continues to tell the people of Afghanistan of Jesus via radio, TV and online media.

We continue to talk with Afghans on the phone and via messaging. We speak the gospel of Jesus, the Prince of Peace who is the Truth. We are sharing the love of Christ with Afghans and are continuing to equip and train the emerging Afghan church.

How can you pray?

  • Pray for our Afghan brothers and sisters to experience the shalom-peace of Jesus walking with them and guiding them.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will bring Scripture and worship songs to the minds of our brothers and sisters.
  • Pray for Pamir Afghan team members as they minister to Afghans every day.

Hur kan du hjälpa till?

  • hope4afghans.com kan du se några exempel på de berättelser och videoklipp som Pamir Ministries producerar om det hopp och den livsförvandlade kraft Jesus ger.
  • Vill du ge en gåva till OM:s arbete i och runt Afghanistan kan du göra det på omsverige.se/ge-hopp-till-afghanistan/

“Skönt ljuder stegen av dem som bär bud om goda ting.”

Romarbrevet 10:15